I voted!!!

Jul. 5th, 2009 12:03 pm
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My mother and I arrived around 8:30am in order to vote early, there were two polling sections, one for those whose last name was between A-Lop and those whose last names was between Loq-Z. The sections were divided, again, in two part. One local and one federal.

In Mexico City we are going to vote for Federal Representative (Diputado Federal in Spanish), for Local Representative (Diputado Local in Spanish) and Delegado (A Delegado is the chief of office at our Delegacion which is like a county for those in the US). Mexico city is divided in 16 Delegaciones.

After arriving we were directed to the queue for local voting, we were given two ballots, after voting our right thumb was marked with ink. Then we went to queue to get the ballot for Federal Representative and we found out that two poll officials, who were supposed to look for your in the list, didn't arrive. The other officials were inviting people to replace them but all declined. The boot can't open if the those officials are not present so we couldn't vote.

We left and went to have breakfast, we returned around 10am and found the booth open. It looked like party observers (each party has the right to have an observer in each voting location) helped the officials with the searching.

This is the ballot for Federal Representative, you can see the local and federal ballots are different.

Finally my thumb was marked again, this time in the lower part of my finger. According to the Electoral code the ink mark for federal voting should have be placed on the top of my thumb and the ink mark of the local voting in the lower part. I had them applied the other way around. :)

Now, we just have to wait and see what the results will be. It looks that 70% of the voters won't vote and of those voting, 2% will vote in blank as a protest because they couldn't find a candidate whose ideas and propositions they liked.

ETA: Google Mexico's logo today. :)


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