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I was reading on the newspaper about the misadventures of those who had already applied for a Visa to visit Canada.

First, the Canadian staff was clueless of what to do, no protocols were set so each person handled things differently. Second, all the interviews were held in English as most of the consuls don't know how to speak Spanish, the results were misunderstandings everywhere. Third, because of the misunderstandings people complained of the staff being elitist and racist because most of the consuls rushed the interviews and ended them abruptly (I would say it was desperation). Fourth, most of the applications were rejected and visas were denied; statistically the percentage of denied visas is bigger than that of the American which denies visas to almost anyone (of 200 applications just 15 visas were issued). ETA: Fifth: Applications had to be filled in English or French. Just as reference, in the American Embassy the application has to be filled in Spanish.

The main reason to deny visa was that people failed to demonstrate they are financially capable, surprisingly they denied the visa to the son of the third richest man in the country for that reason.

I think that the main problem is that there are no protocols and the Embassy staff don't speak Spanish and even if many here speak English it seems that everyone was confused about what to do.

The Canadian government said that the Mexican government has known about the visa application for a while but is The Canadian government to decides when to start this policy so I think that if it is chaos is because their lacked planning.

I feel for those who need to get the visa.

ETA 2: The same is happening to the Czech but at least they have dignity because they removed their Ambassador and are asking visas to Canadian diplomats traveling to The Czech Republic, I think we should do the same.
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The requisites to apply for a Canadian visa are:

1. Go to to get the application.

2. Send the application by certificated mail or courier.

3. Passport has to be issued at least 6 months before application.

4. Payment of $75CA to get a one entry visa or $150 to apply for a multiple entry one. (non-refundable if your visa is denied)

5. Have to justify that your visit is temporal and that you have motive to come back to Mexico (like having a job here or leaving your little children with grandparents, etc)

6. Bank statements that show your financial solvency to support your stay in Canada.

7. Health certificate.

8. Certificate of non criminal records (God knows who issues this one!)

Canadian government has mad an statement saying that the "imposition" is due to the high number of Mexicans that have applied as refugees. Some analysts says there are darker motives. Who knows!

The visa will be effective next Thursday and this requisites were known just yesterday at night.

What has angered the Mexican people is the fact that Canadians won't need a visa to visit Mexico!. Which is just stupid, this kind of things are both ways.
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From the 16th of July all Mexicans visiting Canada need a visa )
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LJ is dead as is Michael Jackson (according to TMZ) what we know for sure is that the beautiful Farrah Fawcett is an angel now. :(

If Michael Jackson is dead then this would be one of the most awful days ever.


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