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I went to Starbucks yesterday and after ordering a Frapuccino Green Tea with light and lactose-free milk I was told it wasn't possible as the final result would be awful. Is not the first time I order that combination so I told the barista and he said that, and I quote, "Had been lied or fooled because that combination is impossible". I then asked the other barista "Hey pal! Have you lied or fooled me before? Cause it's you the one who prepared my Frapuccino Geen Tea the other day!". The guy's cheeks turned into a nice shade of red but the case is that they did it the way I asked and to be honest I was "lied and fooled" the first time cause this one tasted horrible. Starbucks' policy says that if you don't like the mix they have to do it again, of course, this time they refused as they had warned me before about the final result BUT as the barista who "lied and fooled" me the previous time didn't accept nor denied to have cheated then I was able to call the manager in charge and explain him the situation.

They still refused to make the new mix but they gave me my money back. I think that is against their policy but this particular franchise seems to break the rules quite frequently.

Wii Fit?

May. 17th, 2009 10:29 am
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I have to loose some weight, nothing drastic but I'm about 5 kilos off the weight I should have. I have a stationary cycle which helps me a lot but the thing is that doing cardio makes me catch a cold easily, maybe is because I sweat too much and my body can't handle that, anyway, I think that maybe doing some yoga and other type of exercises will help me to stay fit without getting sick and Wii Fit looks versatile enough to accomplish that.

So, who uses it? Or do you have any feedback about it? Should I get one?
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As many of you know I live in Mexico City, which is currently the eye of the hurricane due to the A-H1N1 influenza virus (known as swine flu). Things are a little bit chaotic here but I think people is finally taking conscience of the severity of the situation in spite of what newspapers today are saying (that things are far from worse and that statistically the number of deaths due to the flu won't increase too much comparing them with previous flu statistics).

I would like to share all the information the Mexican media is releasing but is too much and frankly I don't want to stress you and me with fatalist things. I will post, here and in my livejournal (friend locked there), about this but I'll try just to post stuff that I think may interest you, including stories the American, and other foreign media, won't tell you about.

I won't lock this journal, even if I know that eventually this will be read by my RL friends and acquaintances.

Feel free to add me here, I haven't scan the friends of friends list to find friends and people I find interesting here, but after watching some TV I will.



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