I voted!!!

Jul. 5th, 2009 12:03 pm
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My mother and I arrived around 8:30am in order to vote early, there were two polling sections, one for those whose last name was between A-Lop and those whose last names was between Loq-Z. The sections were divided, again, in two part. One local and one federal.

In Mexico City we are going to vote for Federal Representative (Diputado Federal in Spanish), for Local Representative (Diputado Local in Spanish) and Delegado (A Delegado is the chief of office at our Delegacion which is like a county for those in the US). Mexico city is divided in 16 Delegaciones.

After arriving we were directed to the queue for local voting, we were given two ballots, after voting our right thumb was marked with ink. Then we went to queue to get the ballot for Federal Representative and we found out that two poll officials, who were supposed to look for your in the list, didn't arrive. The other officials were inviting people to replace them but all declined. The boot can't open if the those officials are not present so we couldn't vote.

We left and went to have breakfast, we returned around 10am and found the booth open. It looked like party observers (each party has the right to have an observer in each voting location) helped the officials with the searching.

This is the ballot for Federal Representative, you can see the local and federal ballots are different.

Finally my thumb was marked again, this time in the lower part of my finger. According to the Electoral code the ink mark for federal voting should have be placed on the top of my thumb and the ink mark of the local voting in the lower part. I had them applied the other way around. :)

Now, we just have to wait and see what the results will be. It looks that 70% of the voters won't vote and of those voting, 2% will vote in blank as a protest because they couldn't find a candidate whose ideas and propositions they liked.

ETA: Google Mexico's logo today. :)
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I went to Starbucks yesterday and after ordering a Frapuccino Green Tea with light and lactose-free milk I was told it wasn't possible as the final result would be awful. Is not the first time I order that combination so I told the barista and he said that, and I quote, "Had been lied or fooled because that combination is impossible". I then asked the other barista "Hey pal! Have you lied or fooled me before? Cause it's you the one who prepared my Frapuccino Geen Tea the other day!". The guy's cheeks turned into a nice shade of red but the case is that they did it the way I asked and to be honest I was "lied and fooled" the first time cause this one tasted horrible. Starbucks' policy says that if you don't like the mix they have to do it again, of course, this time they refused as they had warned me before about the final result BUT as the barista who "lied and fooled" me the previous time didn't accept nor denied to have cheated then I was able to call the manager in charge and explain him the situation.

They still refused to make the new mix but they gave me my money back. I think that is against their policy but this particular franchise seems to break the rules quite frequently.


May. 5th, 2009 10:38 pm
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So now I have a paid account. I need to figure out how to back up my LJ here, I must upload more icons, I have to know how x-posting works but maybe not because I use filters in LJ so not an alternative, etc, etc.

Also, I have a new layout that I like very much, I wish this would be available for LJ too.

PS: Oh!!! I must upload my spuffy mood theme here, it needs to be edited so the images are smaller though.

Good night!!!!
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I think I will get a paid account here after all.

1. Six icons aren't enough
2. I think backing up my journal here is better than doing it in IJ
3. This looks more efficiently managed than LJ or IJ.
4. Did I mention that six icons are not enough?

Anyway, I'm going to sort out some things first and then buy the paid account.
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And is the date again. Those of you who have been reading this journal know what happened on that date that is important to us but yesterday, after watching President Obama and the Mexican Ambassador, I keep wondering, who made this day important for Mexicans in the US? Considering that the correct day for celebrating in a huge way is September 16.


May. 2nd, 2009 11:55 am
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I just found that I already had an account here using my lj's open ID, I didn't open it, I guess it was created when some friends backed their ljs, comments included, here. How do I access to this account so I can delete it?
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As many of you know I live in Mexico City, which is currently the eye of the hurricane due to the A-H1N1 influenza virus (known as swine flu). Things are a little bit chaotic here but I think people is finally taking conscience of the severity of the situation in spite of what newspapers today are saying (that things are far from worse and that statistically the number of deaths due to the flu won't increase too much comparing them with previous flu statistics).

I would like to share all the information the Mexican media is releasing but is too much and frankly I don't want to stress you and me with fatalist things. I will post, here and in my livejournal (friend locked there), about this but I'll try just to post stuff that I think may interest you, including stories the American, and other foreign media, won't tell you about.

I won't lock this journal, even if I know that eventually this will be read by my RL friends and acquaintances.

Feel free to add me here, I haven't scan the friends of friends list to find friends and people I find interesting here, but after watching some TV I will.



May. 1st, 2009 09:49 pm
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Thanks to [personal profile] sp23 for the invite code. :)

::waves to everyone::


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