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Now that people is agains SOPA and PIPA. Did you know that in Mexico we are having a similar issue? Last December, when everyone was busy getting ready for the Holidays, Mexican Senator Federido Doring, presented what is now called "Doring Law".

Just to be brief, if approved this law could give an institution called IMPI (Instituto Mexicano de la Propiedad Intelectual "Mexican Institute for Intellectual Propriety") a go to ask ISPs for the personal information of users under suspicion of copyright and intellectual propriety infringement. This is a direct violation of our right of privacy. First because IMPI is not a part of any law enforcement agency and second because there are legal holes that could mean in IMPI gaining access to personal information for purposes other than anything related to copyright or intellectual propriety.

This is somehow linked to ACTA but not quite so. Senator Doring opposed to ACTA and was part of the committee that urged President Calderon to not sign ACTA. Curiously the Doring Law would end in the same thing that ACTA would have. The personal information open to IMPI which is heavily sponsored by entertainment business companies who are negotiating with the government and with political parties (we have presidential elections this year and will change the senate and congress too).

It also opens the door to censorship, just as we had 15 years ago when the PRI party was majority (PRI party ruled for 70 years, the worst thing that has happened to us).

Date: 2012-01-23 12:06 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] owenthurman
This law would really help the police that can't be bothered to walk down to the street corner and round up all the people selling pirate DVDs. Maybe someone could mail them a map of Tepito and a Metro ticket.

Don't worry, though. Peña Nieto is going to take care of everything. He'll crack down with a new system to identify suspicious wrongdoers. After all, anyone who reads more than two books is obviously guilty of something.


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